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Written on January 17, 2016   By   in Uncategorized

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Mid last week I spent a long time trying to put all the scales together across the fretboard, then spent some time with the metronome to put those scales to heart. I tend to fall back and use only one or two scales when I sit in front of the metronome, so have purposely been using other less familiar scales.

For the time being, I have finally put all this together.
Major Scale
C – Berklee Pattern 3
A – Berklee Pattern 1
G – Berklee Pattern 4
E – Berklee Pattern 2
D – Berklee Pattern 1A

Minor Scale
C – Berklee Pattern 1A (but with 3 roots)
A – Berklee Pattern 3 (but with 1 roots)
G – Berklee Pattern 1 (but with 4 roots)
E – Berklee Pattern 4 (but with 2 roots)
D – Berklee Pattern 2 (but with root on 1st finger 4th string)

So, we see that everything just shifts.

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