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Converting PDF to MusicXML

Spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to convert a PDF to MusicXML, so that I can import into Notion. I have some melody PDF from Berklee classes that I would like to pull into some composing software and lay down the final tune. There doesn’t seem to be a free way to do this. Hmmm….

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Good Start!

I woke up this morning and worked on music for about 3 hours. I did some guitar/song writing for the first hour, then did a long rhythm practice session on guitar. As a result of the rhythm practice session, I think I will purchase Justin Guitar’s Understanding Rhythmic Notation as it comes highly recommended from a drummer/guitar friend. The book covers the notation thoroughly but it also covers reading of rhythms and many rhythm practice exercises.

After practicing rhythm for a while, I embedded the exercise a bit further by practicing drums for about an hour. I am liking the exercises and courses over at Drumeo. Drumeo is one of the online music lesson services that is paying for itself. I purchased a one-year subscription, but only really dug into it over the past couple weeks.

After all that, I backed this up with a short session on working out a cover song by Oasis. Getting kind of bored with drudging over cover music, so have been taking a long time to learn cover pieces recently.

After all that I went to the Shinto Shrine to pay respects for the new year in good Japanese tradition.

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January 1, 2016… Japan Time

Actually, the Japan time doesn’t make a difference now, since the day has probably come for the rest of the world by now. This morning I am sitting at my music workstation and trying to figure out a rhythm for a blues song I am conjuring up. Using my ’92 Deluxe Strat and the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. Fun, but kind of stuck on one part right now.

I spent a bit of time thinking about my post from yesterday, especially when the Kohaku (year-end Japanese entertainment show) featured Arashi. All electronic VSTs and a bunch of pretty boys in super-gay attire dancing around on stage to fake electronic music. Before that the band Tokio was featured, which was cool. I did get a giggle out of the song Be Ambitious though. It sounded like a song for a private university commercial… super corny. But whatever, they’re making the bucks and I am just a mere critic.


Eve of 2015, Japan Time

Watching Joe Walsh describe his ‘Analog Guy’ approach or lifestyle (or is it a new album name?); he makes some good points about how things have changed in music with the digital age. Part of what I understood appealed to me that sounded like a has-been that hasn’t aligned well with the internet age as a performer. It sounded like something similar to Jimmy Cliff’s performance about how the ‘internet killed music’.

However, Joe made a real good point that is so true to what I have seen and understand to be the current state of music. He stated that ‘nobody performs’ a couple times during the interview, and when discussion of his post-recovery reincarnation, Joe pointed out the changes now with the digital age. He made a very strong point that I agree with is that nobody performs anything now. It seems like a very large portion of music performed now do not involve any performers. A drum machine track is put into a song project, then virtual instruments are used for all other parts, and a song is produced without a single performance.

I agree with this so much that I refuse to watch many J-Pop or K-Pop stars or most music in modern R&B.

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